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Custom Software Development

Profitics software development teams utilize a flexible framework based on SCRUM methodology. Our approach is highly iterative, scientific and testing driven. This enables us to create game-changing software systems that are agile, scalable, quick to deploy and cost effective your business.

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Our design teams specialize in creating architectural patterns that are optimized for the best combination of performance, scalability and reliability. In every solution, Profitics uses the latest best practice architectural patterns to upgrade your platform, including containerization, multi-cloud environments, mico-services, stream computing..etc., . All solutions developed are able to integrate into existing IBM, SAP, Oracle, Java Microsoft (.NET) and open source enterprise platforms.

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Our experts use industry leading software quality techniques based on automation models to provide the best quality solution for our clients in a cost effective delivery model. Profitics development teams utilize on-site, off-site, & off-shore resources and capabilities to develop high-quality, low cost, and rapidly deployed solutions for our clients.

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Custom Software Development

Profitics utilizes SCRUM methodology to deliver highly flexible technology solutions for our clients. Our process is both testing-driven and agile, empowering customers with highly visible, feedback intensive and risk driven iterative methodology. Our development teams utilize spiral methodology to develop solutions that meet high priority needs and deliver the most value to our customers.

Our Software Development Process:

Explore. Develop a shared and detailed understanding of the suspected opportunity, expected challenges in realizing the potential opportunity and key information needed to test these assumptions.

Discover. Agree to specific action plans to rapidly test and refine this understanding and the assumptions behind it.

Grow. Execute the above plan to validate key assumptions, discover new unknowns, and further refine the understanding of the opportunity through rapid application development.

Evolve. Continuously identify more value creation opportunities and deliver additional value by evolving the existing investments.

Custom Software Development

  • Rapid observable results within 30 days
  • Prioritizes core value delivery – delivers the most beneficial functionalities first
  • Eliminates the risk associated with scalability and reliability
  • Supports flexibility for business requirement changes with mature rapid change management processes
  • Avoids re-inventing the wheel by making well thought out “build vs. product deploy” decisions
  • Implements mature project management processes and control mechanisms
  • Designed using architectural patterns and design patterns that minimize development costs and risks
  • Quality, reliability, performance and scalability are entire development life cycle endeavors

Custom Software Development

  • Enjoy a well designed software delivery model capable of leveraging offshore development capabilities without sacrificing innovation and quality
  • Prioritizes core value delivery – delivers the most beneficial functionalities first
  • Augment your in-house technology staff with experts in various infrastructure technology areas
  • Improve your returns on technology investments by engaging our offshore centers of excellence
  • Scale up and scale down your technology organizations flexibly with our onsite-offshore development teams
  • Manage your technology transformation projects by engaging Profitics as a turnkey solution provider
  • Enjoy predictable project rhythm and delivery schedule on software projects
  • Problems are identified early in the process and iteratively corrected and tested
  • Projects can respond easily to change

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