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Retool your Platforms

All businesses are technology businesses these days. Partner with Profitics to continuously and rapidly evolve your platforms. Effectively manage technology obsolescence costs.

  • Pick the right tool for the job
  • Effectively deal with organization skill gaps
  • Scale up and down at the speed of internet marketing
  • Bring mature governance to ever expanding heterogeneous technology stacks

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Custom Software Development

Profitics software development teams utilize a flexible framework based on SCRUM methodology. Our approach is highly iterative, scientific and testing driven. This enables us to create game-changing software systems that are agile, scalable, quick to deploy and cost effective your business.

  • Add Velocity to your projects with componentization, containerization
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment with modern DevOps
  • Get granular control over project costs with micro-services and cloud

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Business Consulting

Our business consulting practice leverages cutting edge techniques such as PDCA, Lean Six Sigma, Pareto analysis, and TQM. Learn how we create value and accelerate continuous value creation through our powerful solution development methodology.

  • Manage all technology investments with sound business and technology strategy
  • Embed risk management, quality and total cost of ownership thinking into every initiative
  • Continuous business improvement with responsive technology
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