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  • Roku Hit by Cyberattack: Over Half a Million Accounts Breached

    Roku disclosed that approximately 576,000 user accounts were compromised in a recent cyberattack, marking the second security breach this year.

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  • Airline Coalition Asks Biden Administration to Block China Flights

    The aviation industry wants to pause additional passenger flights between the U.S. and China.

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  • Four Paramount Board Members Step Down Amidst Skydance Merger Discussions

    Paramount Global has confirmed four executives will step down.

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  • Car Insurance Costs Are Rapidly Rising and Causing Higher Inflation

    Surging car insurance rates contributed to the acceleration of inflation rates in March, adding to the financial burden on vehicle owners in the U.S.

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  • Intel Reveals Layoffs in Sales and Marketing

    Intel underwent another wave of layoffs recently, focusing on trimming down its sales and marketing department.

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  • In-N-Out Heiress Battles Rising Costs Amid Minimum Wage Hike

    In California, the recent hike in the minimum wage for fast-food workers, which came into effect on April 1, is already sending shockwaves through the restaurant industry. Notably, Lynsi Snyder, the o

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  • Varun Beverages Taps Solar Power from Two Renewable Energy Firms

    Varun Beverages, a beverage company, is gearing up to go green with solar energy. The company has revealed plans to harness solar power for its facility in Supa Parner, Sakri, District Dhule, Maharash

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  • Ford Recalls Nearly 43,000 SUVs Due to Gas Leaks

    Ford has recalled nearly 43,000 SUVs due to car leaks. However, the company's remedy will not fix the underlying problem.

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  • Chipotle Tees Up Green Burrito Wrappers for Masters Week

    Chipotle has announced a new promotional stunt for golf's biggest event, the Masters Tournament. In a move sure to thrill both golf fans and burrito enthusiasts alike, Chipotle is rolling out limited

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