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Business Consulting

Profitics consultant teams help organizations optimize their current operational processes using a well-structured methodology focused on value creation. We work closely with our clients to discover where value is being lost and prioritize value generation opportunities. Our goal is to continuously improve our client’s operations and marketing processes, creating value and transforming the way they do business.

Our business consulting practice leverages cutting edge techniques such as PDCA, Lean Six Sigma, Pareto analysis, and TQM. Learn how we create value and accelerate continuous value creation through our powerful solution development methodology.

  • Manage all technology investments with sound business and technology strategy
  • Embed risk management, quality and total cost of ownership thinking into every initiative
  • Continuous business improvement with responsive technology
  • Update your security, privacy, data governance in a distributed computing world
  • Tune and train your models and algorithms to be in-sync with business objectives

Business Consulting

Our unique solution development process is structured to avoid the most common mistakes made in software investments. Therefore, our consulting teams employ the following scoping and planning principles:

Profitics Software Scoping and Planning Principles

  • Software projects and technology deployments are designed around value creation opportunities
  • Software projects do no harm and never interfere with business or product innovation
  • Software projects are designed taking effort and implementation risks into consideration
  • Software projects take TCO (total cost of ownership) into consideration
  • Software projects are designed for rapid value delivery cycles
  • Market requirements, business requirements, solution specs, software specs, and deployment plans are traceable back to value creation

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