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Retool your Platforms

All businesses are technology businesses these days. Partner with Profitics to continuously and rapidly evolve your platforms. Effectively manage technology obsolescence costs.

  • Pick the right tool for the job
  • Effectively deal with organization skill gaps
  • Scale up and down at the speed of internet marketing
  • Bring mature governance to ever expanding heterogeneous technology stacks

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Custom Software Development

Profitics software development teams utilize a flexible framework based on SCRUM methodology. Our approach is highly iterative, scientific and testing driven. This enables us to create game-changing software systems that are agile, scalable, quick to deploy and cost effective your business.

  • Add Velocity to your projects with componentization, containerization
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment with modern DevOps
  • Get granular control over project costs with micro-services and cloud

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Business Consulting

Our business consulting practice leverages cutting edge techniques such as PDCA, Lean Six Sigma, Pareto analysis, and TQM. Learn how we create value and accelerate continuous value creation through our powerful solution development methodology.

  • Manage all technology investments with sound business and technology strategy
  • Embed risk management, quality and total cost of ownership thinking into every initiative
  • Continuous business improvement with responsive technology
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Profit Analytics

Measure, Analyze, Optimize and Execute
Build a well managed, well governed data platform to leverage your data, content, syndicated data and market info to provide quantitative decision support for your organization.

  • Quantitative decision support and planning systems
  • Predicitive planning and what-ifs
  • Intelligent personalized customer services
  • Realtime monitoring and alerts

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Customer Engagement Management

Go Beyond Your CRM
Collaborate with your partners for transformative customer engagement. Extend your enterprise digitally to your partners and customers.

  • Intelligent enterprise with real-time (AI/ML) analytics driven customer interaction
  • Open enterprise with secure collaboration
  • 360o view of customers
  • Micro services, RichUI, Blockchain enabled customer services
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More About Profitics


  • Respect customer’s investment and design projects to focus on value.
  • Manage projects with risk management, total cost of ownership and quality as core metrics.
  • Measure our success solely using customer success factors.


Profitics’s mission is to provide every customer with a technology fortified differentiated business advantage.


All businesses are technology businesses these days. Our vision is to be the value delivery leader in the US market for the design, development and deployment of technologies that accelerate continuous business improvements.


  • “They possesses the ability to see the world through the customer’s eyes and lead development teams to develop solutions that meet customer needs and vision”

    Ken Chatfield, SVP Edgenet

  • “Profitics is more than a technology company. They are a trusted partner that takes in all the complexities of the problem and responds with a technology solution. Once they are involved, the problem is as good as solved.”

    Shae Hinson, President, Accordus

  • “Profitics is laser-focused on business value and impact – both by instilling it into their solutions and by providing it for their customers.”

    Clark Liddell, COO JWPartners

  • “We manage over 40,000 profiles and at peak stream 60 games simultaneously, We are very impressed with the cost effective reliability and scaling that Profitics’s solution delivered for us.”

    CTO Maxxathlete, Mr. Del Riego

  • “We engaged Profitics in September and the first version of Profitics’s solution went live in December. We have come to rely on Profitics to provide game-changing solutions and rapid results.”

    Tom Bartlett, President, CPRS

  • “Very diligent, exceptional OR and software capabilities.”

    Dr. Hosam Zaki, Pricing Analytics – SABRE Decision Technologies

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