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Profitics donates analytics to Grameen

Profitics supports economist Karl Muth and Grameen in field research on financial risk mitigation in emerging markets. Profitics developed and donated its analytics package to help Muth’s team at Grameen build models that compute Ugandan farmer’s willingness to pay for financial products that mitigate agricultural risk.

About Grameen Bank: Grameen is a conglomerate of micro businesses that pioneered micro credit and other financial products to empower the impoverished.

About Karl T. Muth: Karl is an economist and consultant who resides in Uganda.  He is also an author and teaches “Economics of Developing Countries” at Northwestern University.

About Profitics: Profitics is the premier software and services company specializing in innovative and customized enterprise solutions for Pricing, Profit & Promotion Analytics and Customer Engagement Management.

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