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OurWork - Analytics, Re-Platforming, DevOps, MicroServices

Analytical Cloud

R, Matlab, TensorFlow, SnowFlake, Spark, Hortonworks, MapR, Hive, HANA, NiFi, Kafka, ILOG, Pentaho, Mondrain, Kettle, JFreeReport, Liferay, MongoDB, Postgress, Lucene, Solr, AWS.
• Built the first full life cycle (Data ingestion, Data lake modeling, Analytical processing, collaborative decision support, BI) analytics platform, a proprietary modeling language and associated IDE.

Healthcare Analytics

C++, LAMP, javascript, JQuerry, Data Engineering, HyperLedger Fabric, Sawtooth, Burrow.
• Built and managed a HIPAA compliant technology platform to allow collaborative supply chain application for Implant procurement industry.

• Re-architected version 1 of the platform on Hyperledger platform to use distributed ledger technology.

Deep Bayesian Neural Network

R, Matlab, Kettle, C++, Java
• Built and tuned a deep network (32 layers) fixed income instrument pricing, used Yahoo Finance Data set for training and tuning the network.
• Used a squared error or cross-entropy cost function. Results of Monte Carlo simulations performed using multilayer perceptron (MLP) networks trained with backpropagation, radial basis function (RBF) networks.

Gale-Shapley Matching

R, AzureML, Azure, Azure Storage, C#, ASP.NET, BootStrap, Angular, JQuery, TFS, SQLServer, SSRS, SSAS.
• Implemented Many to Many Matching Algorithm by extending Gale-Shapley in R.

• The platform is an extensible HIPAA compliant data collection platform for families that are interested in adoption.the platform has a workflow component that integrated various steps of adoption across many organizations.

• Setup a continuous delivery automation on Azure.

Quant Models for Trading

R, Matlab, Kettle, C++, Linux/Unix, C#, SqlServer, Cplex, kdb+, LIM, HDF, JQuantLib, Python.
• Built numerous analytics models in Java, C++, Matlab, R for options, and derivatives.

• Macro alpha strategy based on currency market. (2011 – present).

• Macro alpha strategy based on ES/GC (2010 -2011) .

• Quant2Xchange: Developed a high speed interface between Matlab/R and Fix Engines (TT Fix Adapter) in Java.

Analytics Assisted Data Acquisition

C#, ASP.net, JQuery, Ext.js, WCF, SSAS, SSRS
•Built a web a based data collection engine with BI driven data validation framework.

• Key component is a real time data suggestion engine that uses large historical data to identify possible in-correct, incomplete or out of date data.

• Created many innovative frameworks to produce a game changing role based/web based HIPAA compliant portal for medical billing. Hosted and Ran it as SaaS solution.

Massively Scalable Micro Services

C++, C#, Java, LAMP, ObjC, Swift, JavaScript, iOS, Android, OpenCV, Solr, SQLServer, Akamai CDN, Hortonworks, Oracle
• Built massively scalable web services to support Web Fonts ecommerce.

• Built Computer Vision Server in C++ to perform real time font identification.

• Created a C++ based micro services solution for printing industry missing fonts.

• Built a distributed (Hadoop, MapReduce, Spark) solution for aggregation and processing for massive click stream data into contract and pricing logic for billing.

B2B Ecommerce, Supplier Integration

Magento, Moz tools, Predictive Intelligence, Marketing Cloud, Optimizely, jQuery, Bootstrap, LAMP, Java/JSP/EJB, Dynamics, LAMP, JDEdwards, SQLServer, SSRS/AS
• Standardized Processes (Ecommerce Marketing and selling) and technology across multiple brands acquired by a Private equity fund.

• Optimized Customer Life Cycle value from first click to end of life via marketing analytics and execution tools.

• Built a BI Solution to track various Operational Efficiency Metrics for Sales, Customer Support and Warehouse Management.

Rich UI – Legacy port

Anjular.js, Node.js, MySQL, Moodle, AWS, Jenkins, JIRA, Cucumber, Android, ColdFusion, Git, Maven, Google Analytics, PHP, Python, Java, JavaScript
• Transformed a legacy Windows based gamified learning apps targeting elementary and middle schools to web-based SaaS offering with robust back end analytics reporting.

•Built a custom Android Launcher (iSmart Tablets), Content Sync utility and Anjular.js based gamified learning apps with back end integration into Moodle Learning Management system.

• Continuous delivery methodology around Maven, Jenkins and Cucumber.

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