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Profitics launches Fontifythis.com

Profitics launches Fontifythis.com to serve the web based content generation community with its patent pending pattern recognition technology. Profitics combined it’s cutting-edge cloud-based pattern recognition and pattern matching algorithms with visual image processing technology to produce a novel guided search solution.

Profitic’s Solution allows users to upload scanned images of artistically rendered text and matches the uploaded text sampling with an appropriate web font from a library of fonts.

About Fontifythis.com:

Fontifythis.com provides web based software that enables designers, artists, and users the ability to scan and upload graphical text with esoteric fonts. The technology then uses its cutting edge artificial intelligence technology to visually search and match the uploaded font against an existing library of fonts.

About Profitics:

Profitics is the premier Software and Services Company specializing in innovative and customized enterprise solutions for Pricing, Profit & Promotion Analytics and Customer Engagement Management.

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