Retail News and Analysis
  1. Dick’s Sporting Goods has eliminated hunting products including firearms in 135 stores as part of a pilot to see if other categories can produce higher sales and profits for the retailer. The retailer made the decision to no longer sell assault-style rifles or high-capacity magazines following the massacre of children and staff at a high…

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  2. An underground store that sells stolen credit and debit card data has added 5.3 million accounts from cardholders in 35 states. Those cards can be tied to data breach of Hy-Vee’s payment systems. The grocer announced that it was investigating the breach on Aug. 14.
  3. Target has opened 100 of its small format stores with plans to open 30 each year into the future. The retailers has also stepped up remodels of its big box locations. Target announced that is has completed 500 of the store remodels it planned as part of $7 billion investment announced in 2017. COO John…

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  4. The retail industry created 146,400 fewer jobs than previously reported between 2018 and 2019, according to a revision made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  5. DoorDash announced that it has updated its driver compensation policy to no longer include tips paid by customers in its base pay calculations. The delivery service made the announcement after receiving criticism from customers who objected to tips they paid to drivers not being on top of the base pay offered by DoorDash.

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